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At the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates, our Beverly Hills franchise lawyers know the work that goes into running a franchise successfully. Our skilled attorneys offer sound legal guidance, support and effective litigation depending on your specific needs. For years our team has helped clients with all aspects of franchising, from the beginning stages to maintaining, merging or even selling a franchise business.

Whether your need is to prepare and register FDD’s (franchise disclosure documents), enforce an agreement or resolve a dispute, it is recommended you have a competent Beverly Hills franchise attorney to assist you. Trying to acquire, merge or sell a franchise can be stressful and complex; your attorney can guide you in whichever direction you’re trying to go, whether it is developing a new program, negotiating and drafting a franchise agreement, or settling a dispute. Our experience and knowledge in the area of franchising make our team extremely efficient and effective.

Franchise enterprises are on every corner in Beverly Hills. Today, more and more people desire to express their entrepreneurialism, run their own franchise or even work at home – but they need guidance. Our Beverly Hills franchise attorneys offer the support and knowledge you need in this complicated and specialized area of business law. We understand the issues and demands that those who buy, own or sell a franchise often face in regards to purchasing, financing, selling or simply running a business of their own.

Truthfully, the issues franchise owners face can be overwhelming. From drafting documents, developing and creating an infrastructure, being compliant with regulations and even franchisor/franchisee disputes, there are often times you need legal guidance. When you choose a Beverly Hills franchise lawyer with our team, you have chosen a professional who will not only answer your questions, but take the steps necessary to ensure you are on solid legal ground and eliminate your worries. We understand that you have enough on your plate without the stress of making sure all is legal or possibly facing litigation.

Commercial leases, company procedures, misrepresentation, breach of contract, providing false or misleading information in UFOC (or failing to disclose at all) – these are just a few of the issues frequently faced in franchising. Whether you are facing a potential legal battle or just need help setting up or operating your business, contact the trusted Beverly Hills franchise lawyers at the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates today, and put your business in capable hands.