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At the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates, our Beverly Hills incorporation attorneys know that when you want to incorporate your business, it can be a complex and stressful process. Our experience, knowledge and skill in this particular area of the law allow us to provide clients with exceptional solutions for every business need, no matter how small or large. Sure, you can try to handle this aspect of your business yourself; however, hiring a capable Beverly Hills corporate lawyer not only ensures that your business is in compliance with numerous corporate formalities, but that you don’t end up wasting your money.

Most business owners who decide to incorporate are not aware that there are so many options. Should you form a Limited or General Partnership, or perhaps a C- or S-Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC)? This is just one example of how a seasoned Beverly Hills incorporation attorney can help. How you choose to incorporate affects your liabilities, debts and obligations; it will also have an impact on how successful or effective your company is across state and international lines. Our Beverly Hills corporate lawyers will help you in every aspect of incorporating your business.

And whereas the internet is a wonderful thing, it can sometimes lead business owners to take “short cuts” through websites or third-parties who claim that you can incorporate your own business. While you can attempt to do it yourself, most of these online and non-legal service providers simply offer forms for incorporation, and cannot provide you with legal advice or guidance. Essentially, you can wind up wasting money on a bunch of “boiler plate” – just another reason it is advisable that you choose a Beverly Hills corporate attorney who will guide you through the process seamlessly.

Moreover, Beverly Hills incorporation attorneys know that you must comply with California’s incorporation laws, and have a name that is not in violation of any other company’s trademark. And even after you incorporate, it is required that you file additional documents with the California Secretary of State, amongst other government agencies. As with many other areas of business, this is one that is much more easily accomplished with the assistance of a skilled lawyer.

The knowledgeable, experienced staff at the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates is ready and dedicated to helping you with all of your business needs, including incorporation. Contact a Beverly Hills incorporation attorney with our firm for unsurpassed legal counsel, and put your business worries to rest.